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Earn Miles – FlightMiles

You earn FlightMiles with every ticket, domestic or international, that you book for yourself or your loved ones on using your WorldMiles number - irrespective of the airline you choose. These FlightMiles will be automatically credited to your WorldMiles account. Enjoy the freedom of traveling on any airline, anywhere around the world.

With WorldMiles, you earn FlightMiles on any flight on any airline across any sector within India – which means unmatched freedom to plan your travel without any worries about losing frequent flyer miles.

The FlightMiles earned through the WorldMiles Program will be based on the percentage of the full fare*(base fare excluding surcharge and other taxes) that you pay for travel between any two cities, and the Ticketed-point-mileage** (TPM) between any two cities. The FlightMiles accrued in the member account should follow the table below

% actual fare off the full fare % WorldMiles accrued off the total TPM
0-20 20
21-30 30
31-40 40
41-50 50
51-60 60
61-70 70
71-80 80
81-90 90
91 and above 100

*The full fare chart will depend on the price movements and will be refreshed every quarter.
**IATA approved International standard of flight mileage

To enable you to earn miles on your international travel, the WorldMiles Program has divided the globe into different zones - with major cities set as benchmarks in each zone for calculation of Ticketed-Point-Mileage (TPM). Every flight between these cities has been assigned a specific number of WorldMiles that can accrue, based on the full fare for the flight. The WorldMiles you earn will depend upon the fare you pay - compared to the full fare between the cities in each zone.

For instance, the full fare and TPM between Mumbai, the major city in Zone 1, and London, the major city in Zone 3, are Rs. 85,000 and 4000 miles respectively.

If you were to take a flight from any city (say Delhi) within Zone 1 to any city within Zone 3 (say Zurich) costing you Rs. 17,000 as base fare, you would earn 1/5th the assigned TPM (in this case, 4,000 miles) which would translate into 800 WorldMiles.

Full Fare between major cities: INR 85,000
TPM assigned: 4000 WorldMiles
Your Base Fare : INR 17,000
WorldMiles earned for this flight: 800 (17,000/85,000 x 4000)

You can calculate how many FlightMiles you earn between two destinations by using our Mileage Calculator below. Please enter the two cities (Origin and Destination) in the appropriate spaces below and click Calculate.

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